3 Best Inflatable Hammock/air lounger 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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If you are in the market for the best inflatable hammock or inflatable air lounge, then the first thing you will notice is the sheer range of items that are available.

However, ultimately deciding on the one that you will spend your money on, is not always going to be that easy.

Indeed, there are so many factors to take into account that your mind can end up in a spin and you have no idea which way to turn.

But it does not have to be like that.

Spoiler these are the top best inflatable lounger picks!


WindPouch Inflatable Hammock WindPouch$

WooHoo -Inflatable Lounger Air WooHoo$

WASING Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Nylon FabricWASING$

The big youtuber Casey Neistat has one air lounge and even gives it 10/10 🙂


pstt.. I have listed even more loungers here.


Instead, what I have done here is selecting three different products that are going to be perfect for so many people no matter what your individual needs may be. These products are not only manufactured to a high standard, but they are also very well priced as well. Remember, prior to purchasing any product, it is always best that you do your own due diligence. Although, we have done that for you with these inflatable air lounge reviews, so you won’t be needing to waste your time or money.


They are very easy to set up and comfy at the summer/beach/pool/lounge whatever. There are many bad ones with bad quality, but no worries I’m gonna show you the top best inflatable sleeping bag/air lounge. Anyway, let’s get right into it!

So, my top three picks are:

1. The Wind Pouch Inflatable Hammock.windpouch inflatable hammock

This inflatable hammock has earned the title of being the world’s best and even though it is for us to decide, there is no doubt that it has a lot going for it. For example, it is manufactured from a highly durable form of nylon, which is not only coated, but the threads are also in a lattice pattern, meaning, it is pretty much impossible to tear it. Actually, the material is of the same stuff as they use in parachutes. It also comes with a rust-proof metal carabiner that it can be inflated in just a matter of seconds when you have a pump. They even provide you with a video to show you how to inflate it in no time.

This Windpouch inflatable hammock can withstand weights of up to 550lbs and yet the entire thing is so lightweight. There is also a carrying case and the hammock has three side pockets, which is always going to be useful. In short, due to the sheer quality of the product, this is going to be the best inflatable hammock, especially for its price.

We love this product as it is very easy to set up, the quality shines through with each and every part and you can have it on land or water(be careful on using it on water!) as it’s perfect for both.

Check the current price here.

2. The WooHoo Inflatable Air Lounger.woohoo inflatable hammock

When it comes to buying an inflatable lounger then you should be looking for something that supplies everything in one go. This is certainly the case with this model from WooHoo, because if you are looking for something for you and your friends to chill on, then this will be perfect, as it measures up to 7ft in length when fully inflated.

The materials that they use in its manufacture are not only extremely lightweight but also durable, and we also have to mention the fact that they are water resistant as well as flame retardant. You may also like to know that another reason why this is perhaps the best inflatable air lounge, is due to the ease with which it can be wiped clean, no matter where you are. In other words, you can expect it to look in pristine condition at all times.

This air lounger can hold up to 420lbs and it stays inflated for up to 6 hours, providing you absolute comfort for that period of time. It is also extremely portable as it only weighs 3.2lbs and folds up into its carry bag so you can take it with you on vacation, camping, or even checking out festivals.

We love this product due to the sheer size and also the fact that it is inflated, and deflated, in just seconds.

Check the current price here.

3. WASING Inflatable Lounger.Wasing inflatable air lounge

The WASING brand has been around for some time and it has certainly built up a bit of a reputation for quality products, and this inflatable lounger is no different. Indeed, in the world of the inflatable air lounge, best quality products tend to come with the WASING name on them.

Once this air lounger has been inflated, it measures more than 7ft in length as well as 3ft wide, so there will be no problem in you being able to get comfortable here. You should also know that you can inflate it in seconds with an air pump and this is always a bonus. It can also hold up to 420lbs in weight at any given time and the quality of the materials used will certainly give you confidence that this product is going to last some considerable period of time.

As is the norm, the materials are lightweight, water-resistant, can be wiped clean in seconds, and are also extremely durable. You also get two storage pouches thrown in for good measure to keep your smartphone or iPod tucked away, as well as a stake to secure it to the ground ,should it be just a bit windy at some point.

However, the beauty of this product with superb quality, is that the size means you can use it as a hammock, couch, a single seat, or even to cuddle together with somebody. We also recommend that this is perhaps the best inflatable air lounge for kids, as well due to its size and ease of setting it up.

We love this product as it is a prime brand in the industry at a brilliant price, and represents value for money, considering the size and the quality of the inflatable lounge chair.

Check the current price here.

So, What Can You Conclude?

If we look at the three products that I have mentioned above, then what can we conclude as to what you should be looking out for?best inflatable lounger

Well, the main thing that we recommend, is not only that they are lightweight, but that the items are also extremely durable, because, after all, they are perfect as party furniture, as well as just to chill on. However, if you check out the various inflatable hammock reviews, then we recommend that you focus on how long people are able to use them for, to see that they are value for money. Remember that when it comes to an inflatable hammock, the best quality does not always mean best price.

So, which one do I go for? To be honest, any of the three listed above are going to be suitable for your needs as they are all in the same ballpark with what they offer, as well as with their price. There is no doubt that any of them will be able to provide you with hours of absolute comfort, just as long as you have that pump there to inflate them. Ok that’s all today folks hope you found a inflatable air bag that suits you.

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