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Best Inflatable Air Loungers In a Top 5 list.

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The big youtuber Casey Neistat also got a inflatable air lounger and recommends it, Everyone wants one 🙂

Spoiler these are my top 5 picks :


WindPouch Inflatable Hammock WindPouch$$$

inflatable hammock loungecloud
LoungeCloud - The Original Inflatable LoungerLoungeCloud$$$

WooHoo -Inflatable Lounger Air WooHoo$$$

vetroo inflatable air lounge
Vetroo Outdoor Inflatable Hangout Portable Bag LoungerVetroo$$$

WASING Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Nylon FabricWASING$$$

With inflatable hammocks, you have unlimited options as to where you can sit or lay down. 

They are lightweight and take up virtually no space when you compare them to a lawn chair or a blow up couch. 

What’s even better about these is that they are super durable and you can use them basically anywhere you want to, including on rocks, on the beach, or on the grass. 

The best part is that they are one of the most comfortable places to sit or lie down and they can really be used anywhere you want.

These things are really cool because you don’t need an air pump or an anything to fill them up and make them work. 

All you have to do in order to make them ready for use is to scoop up the air with the open end and secure the bag shut, it’s that simple.

So if you’re gonna buy an inflatable waterproof lounger this is the page for you.

Product Reviews:inflatable hammock


The WindPouch inflatable hammock is designed for users to get the most comfort and usability possible. It comes with a carrying bag so you can carry it anywhere you go.  This product is made with rip-stop nylon in order to prevent rips and tears from happening. Windpouch inflatable hammocks weight 2.3 pounds. This one is easy as pie to use, you just scoop up the air and seal your hammock shut for six hours of lounging time.  This particular hammock is sold with an attached phone, tablet and bottle holder that is sewn to the side of it, making it easy to keep all of your important stuff in one convenient place less than an arms reach away.  This comfortable inflatable lounge chair is capable of supporting up to 550 pounds and can fit three people on it comfortably.

Check out the current price of WindPouch here!


The airbed inflatable hammock is a versatile and easy to use lounge hammock. You can use it anywhere and it takes less than one minute to set up.  You can use this hammock anywhere that you want, in the park, on a rocky hillside, in the pool or the lake, and on the beach.  All you have to do is open up the air chambers and fill them up with a couple scoops of air, then you just close it up and lay around.  This hammock sits 2 people and can hold up to 400+ lbs capacity.  It will hold air for 6 hours and can be easily refilled in a matter of seconds. It is made out of parachute grade material and it folds up to the size of a bag of chips.  This product is easy to take anywhere you go and it will give you years of comfort if you take proper care of it. To wash it all you have to do is wipe it clean or wash it on a delicate cycle in the washing machine with cold water. After you wash it let it air dry because if it goes in the dryer it will melt the nylon and be useless.

Check out the current price of Loungecloud here!


This is by far the biggest inflatable hammock on the market, it measures up to seven feet long and three feet wide when it is fully inflated. It is easy to inflate, all you do is open up the air chambers and scoop some air into them, then you close them up and you are good to go.  You can take these hammocks wherever you go and be comfortable no matter where you are.  This hammock features a built in bottle holder and a pouch for your smartphone or a mp3 player as well as five feet of rope so you can tie it down when you aren’t on it, also check out chillbo baggins air sofa below to. It is also made with parachute grade nylon and covered in water proof material to allow you to wash it off with ease and use it on the water(be careful using it in water) if you so choose.  This company is based in the U.S so you don’t have to wait as long if there is a problem, you will receive your replacement fast and without hassle.  

Check out the current price of WooHoo here!


This inflatable lounge chair is lightweight and made of flame retardant parachute grade nylon.  This product weighs in at 3.2 pounds and inflates up to 7 feet long.  The weight limit on this hammock is 420 pounds. It can be used wherever you go and you can lounge around on it for up to six hours before you will have to refill it.  As with most inflatable hammocks these days, you don’t need to use an air pump with it, all you do is open up the air chambers, scoop in the air and seal it shut, then you are good to lay around on the beach or on the lake if you choose to.  Washing this product is easy, all you need to do it rinse it off and let it air dry.  

Check out the current price Wasing here!


This inflatable hangout is similar to most in the sense that it is easy to fill and comfortable to lay around on. It is made of nylon on the outside and PVC on the inside to keep in the air.  This one is just as easy to fill up as the rest, simply open up the air chambers and scoop in the air, close it up and lounge away.  Make sure that you use the stability loop and the stake when you aren’t on it or it could easily blow away on you, after all this product only weighs 4.4 pounds.  This one also comes with its own carrying sack so that you can take i9t with you wherever you go.

Check out the current price Vetroo here!

Various types of inflatable hammock / air lounger equipmentCasey Neistat Inflatable air lounge windpouch approved

There are tons of different styles of air lounge equipment and each one has different pros and cons from the next. 

Some are better for a group of people to sit on, while others are made for solo relaxation; 

Some are made for lounging and laying around in the sun, while others are made to be blown up on the beach and taken for a float.   The one you choose to buy really all depends on what you want to use it for and what you are hoping to pay for inflatable lounge equipment.

Now, most of the newer stuff on the market is self inflating, but there are still some that can be bought that require an air pump. These types of inflatable air lounge are impractical, because you have to spend money on both the hammock or sofa, as well as a pump to be able to use it.

This air ump style also takes away a good amount of the convenience that the self inflating hammocks are famous for, because you have to carry and air pump with you wherever you intend on using your hammock. 

The self inflating hammocks are much more efficient. They are more durable than most of the pump- style inflatable lounge equipment and they are way more convenient. 

The reason they are more convenient is because they roll up into a very small carrying bag which is really no bigger than a bottle of pop. 

This makes portability easier than ever, and it means that you can take it absolutely anywhere that you want to.

There are quite a few different brands that are on the market right now which all seem to have some really good reputations going for them.  WooHoo, Windpouch and KAISR all sell some really good inflatable hammocks and they are relatively inexpensive for what you are buying, and these are just the ones I have read about in the last few days.

When it comes to comfort and versatility in the great outdoors, these inflatable hammocks are the perfect option.

They can be used on rocky terrain, sand, grass and can be used on water if you are careful but i wouldn’t recommend on water if you are alone, so you can use it wherever and whenever and however you want.

One of the absolute best aspects of these is that they can be used as chairs, couches, floatation devices or a hammock and they are equally as comfortable no matter which way you choose to use them.

Imagine having the convenience of a portable chair, or even a couch for that matter, without the hassle of carrying around a bunch of bulky and heavy equipment.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the option of having a hammock without having to find places to anchor the ropes?  🙂

How to and Usage

These inflatable loungers are a total breeze to use, and I mean this in a literal sense. 

All you need to do to use them is to make sure that you have the open end open and you wave it around to trap the air inside. Once you have enough air inside, you roll up the end a little bit and you snap it shut. 

These things are really easy to use, making lounging around as easy as one, two ,three but you have to be careful not to set them on glass or something that is too sharp by accident.

They may be made of some really tough material, but even steel has its breaking point, and the same is true for the reinforced nylon that these devices are made of.

Although they are made of a material that is fairly resistant to tears and stretching, it is still possible to ruin these cool products so just be sure that you check the area before choosing a spot to lay it out, or you could end up folding your inflatable hammock up into a pad to sit on.

To deflate your inflatable lounger all you do is open up the side that opens and let the air out, then start at the closed end and roll it up tightly so that it fits easily into the portable bag that it is sold with. 

It has never been easier to set up and take down a comfortable lounge area. Nor has it ever been this easy to take comfort with you wherever you go on your travels.

When it comes to cleaning, you can either choose to rinse off your inflatable air lounger when it has air in it and let it air dry, or you can wash it in a washing machine on the delicate cycle and let it air dry after wards. Never, ever put this product into the dryer because it will melt the nylon and completely ruin your hammock!


There are so many advantages to having your own inflatable hammock.

The first of these advantages is you don’t have to worry about where you are going to store your lawn chair or beanbag chair when you are travelling, especially if you are walking to a music festival or to the beach. 

Self-inflating hammocks are lightweight and really easy to take with you anywhere you go, so you never have to worry about space being an issue again. 

These Air Inflatable Hangout Sofa are even lighter than your average lawn chair, which is great for people with a bad back or someone who is tired and just wants to rest.

The second advantage is the versatility of these products, you can literally use them everywhere which makes them a must have for anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors doing things like hiking, camping and spending time on the beach. 

You can use yours as a floatation device for a few hours and then when you want to lay around and dry off set it up on the sand and relax in the sunshine. 

You can use them when you are camping, when a yoga mat and a sleeping bag just don’t cut it because there are rocks or boulders underneath your tent. 

Or maybe you just don’t feel like standing up the entire course of a four hour music festival or concert, you can set up your hammock and enjoy the moment in comfort. Easy to clean aswell.

Thirdly, no other lounge equipment is as easy to set up as an inflatable hammock is. 

Most chairs are tippy and sort of uncomfortable, but with an inflatable hammock, you are guaranteed to be comfortable no matter where you are, and it takes under sixty seconds to get your comfort zone set up.

With chairs, you have to find the right place to set it up or you risk falling over, but with a inflatable lounger it doesn’t matter if you are on a level field or a somewhat rocky slope, it stays in place and you don’t have to worry about ‘sitting on eggshells’ if you know what I mean.

Now, speaking of comfortable, I cannot think of any other product which allows you to sit or lay down however you want to, wherever you want to, so this is another huge advantage. 

Comfort is the key when it comes to enjoying the good times in life, so it makes sense that the furniture that you choose to enjoy those moments on should be as comfortable as humanly possible.

Another great aspect of these products is as easy to wash and keep clean as an inflatable hammock.  All you have to do is fill it with air and wipe it down, or stick it in a washing machine on a delicate cycle and let it air dry and it will be good as new.

Another great addition to these products is the mesh storage baskets that most of them are sold with.

This means that you can set your cell phone, your book or your drink in the side pocket without having to worry about it being stepped on or knocked over. 

This also works really well for people who like to go camping using their inflatable hammock because they can sleep with their flashlight right next to them without having to search high and low for it in the dark.

Even the big youtube Casey Neistat has one of these inflatable lounger.Casey neistat inflatable lounger

Lastly, I would like to point out how awesome it is that they are so cheap for what they are.

Most of the ones I have come across are worth the price to pay for, you get unlimited and portable comfort.


  1. When you are filling up the inflatable lounger, you should face the open end against the wind. This way the wind will blow directly into the hammock and it will fill up much easier. This isn’t totally necessary in order to use an inflatable hammock, however it helps it to get filled up faster and sometimes the wind will be cool and fill your hammock with cooler air on a hot summer day.
  2. When you set your hammock up be sure to use a stake so that when you get up you don’t end up having to run around all over the place chasing your inflated sofa.  Although this is a funny scene for anyone who is an outsider, it may not be so funny to you when you realize that it is way too far out in the lake to swim to and that your $ investment is now in the middle of a body of water.
  3. If you are planning to fall asleep on your hammock, fill it up as close to bed time as possible because they are only designed to hold air for about 6-8 hours at a time before they start to release it slowly.
  4. If you are planning to sleep on your inflatable sofa, make sure that you use the stake that was sold with it because this will help to keep it stable for you to sleep on without tipping over. Although it isn’t very common for them to tip over, some of us are restless sleepers and it’s just safer to use the stake.
  5. Don’t ever put your hammock in the dryer after washing, this will ruin the nylon and make it totally useless.  To dry it just set it outside in the sunshine and let it dry naturally.
  6. Don’t exceed the weight limit of your hammock.  I know it may seem fun to bounce your friends or your children when the hammock is inflated, but if you do this, you are likely to surpass the weight limit and ruin your comfortable sofa.
  7. Always roll it up when you are done with it. This will release any extra air from inside and will keep it in good condition for when you go to use it next.
  8. If your inflatable air lounger starts to feel too squishy, just open it up and scoop up some more air. This will give you six more hours to relax before you have to refill it.
  9. If you notice a run or a small tear in your hammock when you receive it in the mail or at the store, return it immediately. It may seem like it is working fine, but this is a manufacturers defect and it is covered under warranty for up to two years from the day that you purchase your hammock.
  10. Don’t set any sharp objects on your hammock. These will likely rip through the fabrics fairly quickly and will totally ruin your inflatable lounger.  This includes the bottle opener that some have on the outside of their carrying sack.


These inflatable hammocks definitely seem like they are well worth the money, these inflatable chairs are great for outdoor camping and hanging in. 

Being lightweight and easy to carry around, they seem like the best possible alternative to a lawn chair or a bean bag, and they allow you to stretch out more too.

There are really nothing but great reviews on these products and they just seem like the best way to go for a comfortable day on the beach or around the yard.

Why not try one of them for yourself so you can see just how comfortable and convenient they really are? 

Thanks for reading, feel free to share this article 🙂

Also, I made a Updated Guide for 2017 here! .

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