Tips & Tricks To Have A Great Summer – Ultimate Guide 2017

There is something about the smooth soft sand beneath your feet, the soothing atmosphere and the smell of fresh beach air that relaxes the soul.

Whether you are a yearly vacationer or a coastal resident, a day spent at the beach with an inflatable lounger can be a perfect way to relax as well as a great pick- me up before getting back to the routine of day to day life.

To make the most of your day here is a list of tips and tricks you could employ.

Plan ahead of time

By packing all the essentials earlier on, it provides you with the opportunity to reach your preferred beach in good time.

You are therefore able to stake out a good spot and get a few private moments before it gets crowded.

Research on your preferred beach as well. Find the weather forecast on the day of your visit. Some beaches may not have public parking and may require you to carry coins for parking.

Find out if the beach provides private washrooms, portable johns or nothing at all.venice beach life guard 2016

Bring a pop-up tent or shelter and blankets.

For a comfortable day at the beach, you should invest in a pop up tent that folds flat and stores in a zip-up carrying case this way you can get a shady protected place.  A blanket that’s tough enough for the ground yet soft and classy enough to be later used in the bathrooms should be picked to put a barrier between you and the hot sand. Blanket corner holders are also essential. By sinking them in sand and clipping the other end to the blanket, you prevent it from unceremoniously flipping over.

Food, Snacks, and Beverages

For those not lucky enough to live by the ocean, carrying a snack for the road and the afternoon at the beach is paramount. Tons of extra water is also a must have to prevent imminent dehydration. Pack the food in a cooler to ensure your salads are able to survive long hours in the sun without losing their crunch. For more fun, pack some fruits , refreshing colorful beverages. It is advisable to stay clear of greasy foods as it can quickly become messy with the sand and heat. Pack wet wipes and paper plates in order to execute a flawless beach picnic.girl sitting on bench barcelona


It is advisable to wear light pieces of clothing like a short and shirt that can easily dry and keep you cool. Closed shoes would lead to burns from the hot summer sun and as such flip-flops do come in handy. Even when planning to walk barefoot, it is still recommended to have a pair of these as the sun can at times get too hot. When selecting the swimwear, consider if the material will be able to resist the strong wave current and still remain on. It goes without saying that the saggy swim shorts are also not best suited for a day at the beach. A change of clothes for the end of the day is an option to consider as well.

The Inflatable Hammock

Casey neistat inflatable lounger
The Big Youtuber Casey Neistat in his WindPouch Inflatable Hammock (Click On Picture For The Current Price)

Instead of bringing the traditional fold-up beach chair, step out with this versatile, light-weight, easy to use hammock that works as a seat and a recliner. It inflates and deflates in seconds, therefore, reducing the hassle of setting up and with a little practice could take up just seconds. It offers you the comfort as you lay back and enjoy the moment. It has taken the place of ground blankets and hefty chairs that are a hassle to bring to the beach and clean.  Made of military- grade reinforced nylon, its durability is assured. It has holders for your phone, tablets and water bottles stitched to the side, therefore, no more worrying of electronics or jewelry getting damaged or lost. The WindPouch hammock comes with an aluminum stake and securing loops that ensure your hammock stays in place. It delivers on comfort and so much more while still protecting you from manu
facturers defects with a two-year warranty. Its use is not limited to just the beach as it can be used in just about any terrain. It’s definitely a must have for the summer or anywhere! 😃

Books, Magazine or Music

Nothing beats getting lost in a good read with the soothing sounds of the waves in the background while overlooking seemingly endless pools of crystal blue water. The beach is a peaceful gate-away to get in some reading. Magazines create more social atmosphere than books as friends and family can participate. Bringing your favorite album to the beach would be an excellent past-time as well.


Getting a tan is a major reason for most people to visit the beach. However, excess explosion to the sun can have the reverse effect and cause you to shorten your day out. Skin cancer should also be a concern. As such, investing in a waterproof and sweat- proof sunscreen is of most importance. You should apply it earlier before embarking for the beach to give it more time to be socked in. The frequent application preferably every time you leave the water is advised. Sunglasses are also an essential if you want to enjoy the summer cloudless cerulean blue skies without damage to your eyes.

Beach toys

If you are visiting the beach with friends and family, beach toys come in handy. Buckets and spades to flaunt your skills in building sand castles, volleyballs for a quick games and beach balls could be a great way to relax and bond after a deep. Carrying just a few, however, is best as it could be a drag after the long tiring day.

Pack garbage bags as well to pick up any litter you might otherwise leave behind as well as zip-lock bags for the wet toys and swimwear. Beach carts could also help ferry your bags to and from the car.

We all know that a day at the beach can turn out to be stressful if concise planning is not put into it. Parking the essentials could go a long way in ensuring you get the best out of your day at the beach.

Thanks for reading have a great summer! Feel Free to share the article 🙂