Make your outings more enjoyable with an inflatable hammock

Are you an avid traveler and often like to hike or go backpacking? Well, whatever may your favorite mode of traveling be, one of the most common activities that people often enjoy alone or with their travel partners is hammocking. read more on best inflatable lounger.

It may be a nature retreat or a trip to the nearby forest or woods or any other place with loads of solid and moderately high trees. Irrespective of the location, most people like the idea of sleeping or resting in a hammock. It gives you the unique feel of being in nature’s lap, relaxed, unwinding and doing what you like the best – maybe reading a book, listening to some music or just having a nap.Casey Neistat Inflatable Hammock

Though hammocking is an unparalleled experience, it may not be possible to hang a hammock everywhere. Maybe there aren’t enough trees or even if there are, they are too densely or sparsely located. What do you do in such a situation? Deprive yourself of the fun or relaxation that you usually have outdoors with your friends and family or even alone? Of course, not. And why should you, when you have the perfect solution to the problem. If you are wondering what could possibly be the solution to such a problem, then the answer is an inflatable hammock.

What is it?

If you are completely unaware of the term inflatable hammock or air filled hammock, then let’s first know what it is. It is usually made of nylon that is often known for its water repellent properties and used as the material for parachutes. The material is stitched into the form of a big airbag which, when filled with air, takes the form of an Inflatable sofa and can be used both for seating purposes and enjoying the feel and comfort of a hammock when the real one is unavailable or unsuitable. The product can be deflated any time, with ease and packed with other items and carried during travel. The deflated product is very light and can be folded manifold times, which makes it easier to carry. Also, being made of a tough material, there are least chances of any damage.

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Why use an inflatable hammock?

As stated earlier, hanging up a hammock isn’t suitable or possible in many situations, due to various limitations or obstacles. But to ensure that you enjoy as much as you would do with a real hammock, an inflatable hammock can be used which offers the same feel as you would have enjoyed while in a real hammock. Also read my inflatable lounge chair review 😊 ,Apart from that, these hammocks are made of durable material which ensures that they can hold your weight with ease for quite a few hours. They are presently available in various sizes so that they can exactly fit your size, irrespective of whether you are tall or short, an adult or child.

The air filled hammock will allow you to slip into its crease, making you feel comfortable and snug, the perfect feel that you would enjoy on a cool, breezy day or a bright, sunny day with a cup of coffee or your favorite book or some soothing music. The ease of use makes these inflatable hammocks one of the best choices for your travel, hike, sightseeing, etc.

How to inflate an inflatable hammock?

This is one of the interesting facts about using an inflatable hammock. Since the hammocks, when inflated, extend to the size of a full grown adult, you have a notion that inflating them may be an uphill task, but that’s not the case in reality. Truth be told, this one of the easiest inflatables that you will come across. Inflating it to its full size is quite an easy task and requires no additional accessories.

All that you need to do is hold wide open the opening that is present at one end and move it around in the air so that it is able to gulp in the surrounding air. Once it has trapped the air, you need roll over the end and shut it close, and you have your air filled hammock ready. As simple as that. No need to pump or blow air or carry any air trapping accessories. Just a wave in the air and your inflated hammock is ready for use. This simple inflation method makes it a much-favored product amongst the users.

Various way to use an air-filled hammock

Once inflated, the product has multiple uses. The first and the foremost is being used as a hammock in the absence of a real hammock. Imagine yourself lying on cozy, air-filled inflatable enjoying the panoramic vistas as the sun sets on the horizon or listen to the music of the birds as they return home after a long day. You are sure to love the product for the facility that it offers. Whether you are traveling solo or with others, this will be the ultimate companion of happiness. You can do whatever you wish to do on a lazy day or spend hours doing absolutely nothing at all.

Once filled with air, the inflation will last for about 5-6 hours, giving you enough time to enjoy undisturbed bliss in your favorite environment. Even if that’s not enough, inflating it is a cakewalk and requires about a minute or two, so that you can continue being lazy for hours together without much of an effort. This helps you to enjoy the perfect holiday that you want to enjoy far from the regular humdrum of life, very close to nature and indulging in your hobbies and desires.Inflatable sofa hammock

Though this is the primary use of an inflatable hammock, yet there’s more to it. This simple yet useful product can be used in other ways as well. Imagine yourself on a hike along a trail that offers some of the best views and you want to wait for some time to enjoy the natural beauty and let the beauty and quaintness sink in. What would you need most in such a situation? Maybe a good camera and a comfortable place to sit on. You may have the camera with you, but what about the place to sit? This where the product can come to use. You can use it as an Inflatable Lounger for you to sit on. A good idea, isn’t it? An easy to carry product, this inflatable will serve you both as a hammock and an inflatable air lounge, when you feel the need for one.

Not only that, it may serve its purpose when you go for some sightseeing or to attend an open-air entertainment program or performance. You may use it as an Inflatable sofa and enjoy the activities or the place like you are in your own home. Each Inflatable sofa can comfortably sit 1-3 persons, thus making you feel comfortable while you enjoy the proceedings. Thus, this Inflatable Lounger will serve a lot of needs, whether you are traveling a long distance or want to enjoy some time outdoors with your near and dear ones.

Here is a tutorial video on how to set it up and pack it up:

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The inflatables are usually made of superb quality nylon.

The exterior is coated with a layer of polyurethane that is suitable for resisting dirt, pollution, and ultraviolet rays.

The inner line is made of PVC plastic.

Usually, the sides of the inflatables are equipped with specialized holders for bottles, tablets, and phones.

To make things easier, they often come with bottle openers and carabiners, so that you do not have to put in extra effort, in case you need any of these.

Accessories like securing loops and aluminum stake are offered along with the products so that you have no problem grounding the object.

The inflatable hammock can usually withstand a weight of around 400-600 lbs.

Each inflation usually lasts for around 5-6 hours.


As you have already understood, the main benefit of the product is that it allows you to enjoy the hammock experience, even if it is impossible to set up one.

Since the item can be placed on the ground, you really do not need the trees to have your hammock experience.

Having multifarious uses, the inflatable hammock can be rendered into your own private sofa, even if you are outside your home. So, whether you are in your backyard or a far off place, you can have a personal seat, without much effort.

The product being made of a high-performance material, gives you a long durability, ensuring that you enjoy your buy for quite long.

Being available in a variety of sizes, it can serve you well, irrespective of your height.

As the outer coating is dust, water, and UV, there are least chances of the product being harmed, even if it is exposed to the sun rays for long periods of time or set up regularly in an area that quite full of dirt, like fields and forests.

As the item can be easily inflated, it requires very less time and effort after the air seeps out of the back. This helps you to have effortless hammock experience.

The item can be deflated, folded and carried with other times. The product, when folded, is very small, offering the convenience of carrying it anytime you need and practically everywhere, without occupying much space.

Not only that, the weight of the deflated hammock, is usually around 2 lbs, which means carrying it doesn’t add much to your luggage. 

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The crease in the middle allows you to either sink into it and sleep or sit on it like a sofa, without any issue at all.

The feeling is plush and super comfy, the perfect feel that you would need on a holiday or when you want to relax and unwind.

Being super comfy, you can use it not only for during the day but also for your night’s sleep. The experience is quite comfortable, and its multiple uses mean that you have to carry fewer items during your travel.

The item is washable, and the washing procedure is simple. All you need is some cold water and you and wipe the exteriors and allow it to dry out. Regular cleaning and proper storage help in better and longer performance.

The products usually come with a warranty from the manufacturers, so that you can use it multiple times without any hesitation.

How to choose?

Your inflatable air lounge is a long time investment, and you sure do want to make the best out of it. Here are a few pointers for people who are planning to buy one for the first time:

Well-known brand –  Though, several manufacturers have already launched their air filled hammock in the market, yet it is advisable that you choose products only from a reputed brand. This is a novel idea, and you sure do want to buy from manufacturers who know well what it takes to make the best inflated hammock.

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Quality –  Though this concern is usually solved by buying products from a reputed brand, yet you must try to choose the best product that the brand has to offer. This will enhance the comfort that the hammock offers and will also help you to get the best of the best.

Size – For whatever purpose you may use the product, yet they are meant for comfort and to guarantee this, it is vital that you choose the proper size of the hammock. This way, you needn’t make uncomfy adjustments.


With all this information, it may be safely assumed that you are now completely aware of what an air filled hammock is and how you can use it for multiple purposes and that too, with ease. The very simple inflation method, multifaceted uses, durability, high performance and ultimate comfort, an air filled hammock, is the ultimate thing that you would like to possess, if you are a regular traveler, hiker, biker or just want to laze around on a fine day. Just make a wise decision to choose the best product and you can enjoy your outings like never before. Let your alone time or family time be the best, ever!

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